Bundling and the penile raphe

(There’s actually some language stuff here.)

Over on AZBlog X there’s a posting “Bundles of love”, about an ad for a holiday sale at the gay porn studio C1R. The sale offers bundles of C1R flicks, each with three or four DVDs on a theme, and the model in the ad is bundled in a scarf, against the winter weather, so there’s a little play on bundling here — but, well, the model is totally naked except for that scarf. The photo is really about his handsome face, his fit body, and of course its centerpiece, his weighty and desirable cock, which happens to have a prominent penile raphe (/réfì/), the ridge that runs up the underside of the penis and (in many men) is somewhat sensitive to stimulation, in a way that the rest of the shaft is not; just under the glans, the raphe is extraordinary sensitive, the source of much of the pleasure men get from their penis in sex.

The AZBlog posting also has a little story about how the penile raphe is metaphorically connected to plate tectonics.

In lieu of an photo of a raphe leading to the head of the penis (the glans penis), here’s a photo of a mountain ridge in Alaska, with a trail on it leading to the head, um, peak of the ridge:

On the technical term raphe, from NOAD2:

ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: modern Latin, from Greek rhaphē ‘seam’

I don’t know of any slang terms for the penile raphe, though the six expressions

dick/cock ridge/cord/seam

would all be possibilities.

Finally, here are the three bundles on offer at C1R:

Daddy/Son: The Boy Who Cried DILF, Fucked by Our Dads, Daddy It Hurts!

Dirty Sex Pigs: Submit and Conquer, Spit Roasted Pigs, Sling Fucked

Man Royale: Thick and Big 1-4

The Boy Who Cried DILF (with DILF ‘dad(dy) I’d like to fuck’, a development from MILF) is an entertaining play on  the boy who cried wolf, and Spit Roasted Pigs is a wonderful piece of language play, with both spit roasted and pig having two senses that are played on here, one sexual and one not: spit roasting is a cooking practice, involving roasting a piece of food (especally a suckling pig) impaled on a spit (a long, thin, metal road) over a fire, and it’s also, by a metaphorical extension, a sexual practice (which has been illustrated in a gay context quite a few times on AZBlogX) in which someone is pentrated by one man’s penis while fellating another man’s; and pig can be understood as referring to the animal or, in the snowclonelet X pig, someone who is passionate or enthuastic about X (so that, in the gay context,  a cock pig is a man who loves to suck cock, a piss pig is a man who loves piss play, and a spit-roasting pig is a man who loves to be spit roasted). The porn flick in C1R’s bundling sale is all about men enthusiastically enjoying being spit roasted.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Stumbled upon on 2/16/17, entries in Urban Dictionary for blow pig, referring to “a woman who will blow just about anyone”.

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