The Bare Boys

On AZBlogX, a set of images from pornographer Sean Cody, from the video Bareback Fuckfest, with a quartet of cute guys displaying their bodies as a group and then stills from the video, which is focused on one of the four getting fucked by the other three (with the usual assortment of other gay sex acts involving all four of the men). Here, a few words about Sean Cody and a reminder about the verb bareback.

[Added 5/27/13: Captions for the 11 photos of the Bare Boys displaying themselves are now available here.]

From Wikipedia:

Sean Cody is a gay male photographer and filmmaker. He was born in Utah and was a Mormon up until the age of eighteen. He was fascinated with the male body even from school days. In his college days, he didn’t admit he was gay and dated women exclusively. He graduated with a master’s degree and worked in a large software company for a while. He came out as gay in his mid-twenties. In 2001, at age 30, he launched [the pay porn site]

Cody uses amateur models, many of whom identify as straight or bisexual. (It’s astonishing how many good-looking, fit, well-endowed young men there are out there who don’t identify as gay but are happy to engage in gay sex on camera for money.) They are known by porn names chosen by the studio; in Bareback Fuckfest, we have Liev, Jarek, Dennis, and Taylor. (This is Jarek’s 27th scene for Sean Cody, making him the most prolific Sean Cody model of all time.)

It’s also now heavily into barebacking videos (like this one). The tide turned in 2011. From the Queerty site on 12/28/11:

Sean Cody Joins The Bareback Bandwagon

That whimpering sound you hear is gay angels crying: It seems top porn site Sean Cody has just released its first bareback scene. The website—which specializes in impossibly hunky, straight-looking college types who seem eager to fraternize with their bros—joins Corbin Fisher and other mainstream portals in taking condom-free sex out the realm of fetish sites.

The clip, “Brandon & Pierce Unwrapped,” does come with a warning label of sorts.

As Fleshbot reports:

Some sites feature a disclaimer, urging viewers to play safe at home and insuring that their models are tested. Sean Cody has one: “Unprotected sex is not something we recommend or endorse.”

Whether or not bareback porn leads to unprotected sex among viewers has been hotly contested and is almost impossible to prove.

We generally err on the side of letting grown adults make their own judgment calls—and pray they make the right one. But even if there’s no correlation between porn viewing and personal sexual practices, there are still two men having unprotected gay sex.

On the verb bareback, here’s what I said in this blog in March:

Bareback ’without a saddle’ as an Adv (ride bareback) or Adj (bareback rider) goes back at least to the 16th century (according to the OED). But things don’t become sexual until the AIDS crisis; before that, straight couples used condoms or not depending on their views and intentions about conception, and gay couples didn’t use condoms at all, since con(tra)ception wasn’t an issue for them. Then condoms became protective, and (especially in the gay context) not using them became transgressive. A need for a lexical item meaning ‘without a condom’ came into being; bareback was metaphorically extended, and we got fuck bareback and bareback fucking. As far as I can tell, the item was verbed almost immediately, possibly through the intermediate synthetic compound barebacking plus back-formation, possibly directly. From Wikipedia:

Bareback is a slang term to describe acts of sexual penetration without the use of a condom. The term comes from the equestrian term bareback, which refers to the practice of riding a horse without a saddle. Barebacking usually refers to a conscious and deliberate choice to forgo condoms; accidental misuse or non-use is not usually called “barebacking.”

(Nice semantic point here: barebacking isn’t just condomless sex, but *deliberate* condomless sex.)

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