Morning name: zygomatic arch

TThis morning’s name: something anatomical, I recognized, but what? From NOAD2:

zygoma (pl. zygomata) Anatomy   the bony arch of the cheek formed by connection of the zygomatic and temporal bones [aka zygomatic arch, cheekbone]. ORIGIN late 17th cent.: from Greek zugōma, from zugon ‘yoke[, join]’

Annoying of this dictionary not to give cheekbone — and not to connect cheekbone (for which it says merely “the bone beneath the eye”) to zygoma or zygomatic arch.

Wikipedia, under zygomatic arch, makes these connections, provides tons of anatomical details, and adds:

High cheekbones are pronounced zygomatic arches, causing the upper part of the cheeks to jut out and form a line cut into the sides of the face. High cheekbones, forming a symmetrical face shape, are very common in fashion models and are considered a beauty trait in both males and females.

Tons of sites of models and actresses with high cheekbones, but none of them identified, until I came across a site on “Models famous for their beauty quirks”, which provided  Carola Remer, “whose distinctive wide-set eyes and high cheekbones give her a beautiful extraterrestrial look”:


Wikipedia tells us that German supermodel Remer was born on 10/4/91 and her catwalk debut in fall 2011, modeling for Ralph Lauren, Emilio Pucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Tom Ford. Here she is as the centerpiece in a spread for the firm Agent Provocateur:


On the company, from Wikipedia:

Agent Provocateur is a British lingerie retailer founded in 1994 by Joseph Corré and Serena Rees] The company has 100 stores in 13 countries.

… The company is famous for its provocative videos. Its most recent addition sees Melissa George of Home & Away fame, English model Chloe Hayward and American beauty Elettra Wiedemann all star in the John Cameron Mitchell-directed campaign, which urges women to control their own destinies (while wearing luxury AP lingerie, of course).

As for named men with high cheekbones, they’re easy to find on the net. A favorite, Benedict Cumberbatch:


Previous posting here on the actor from 2/27/15.

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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    I think the idiom is “cheekbones to die for”. My wife – one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met – has them. So does her younger sister, who once aspired (we’re all old) to be a model.

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