The Gray Lady goes bilingual

From univision news:

The New York Times prints first editorial in Spanish, asks Latinos to vote

On Sunday [October 2nd] the paper published an editorial in Spanish and English asking Hispanics to register to vote. The idea came from two writers who wanted to highlight the importance of the Latino vote in November.

(Of course there’s a Spanish-language edition of the Times, but this editorial was in the pages of the old original Gray Lady.) An image of the page:

First in Spanish (“El voto latino puede ser la diferencia”), then in English (“Latino Voters Can Make a Difference”)

Somewhat oddly, the on-line version is only in English; you have to ask for the Spanish translation.

3 Responses to “The Gray Lady goes bilingual”

  1. javava2012 Says:

    Thanks for the elucidation. I only see the online edition, with the upended punctuation mark and a slight hint at the Spanish language-oriented intent.
    Language issues aside, I can’t recall The Times ever being quite so aggressively active, editorially, for a given political candidate. Or should I say, ‘against’ such a candidate.
    While there have been reports that a number of papers have lost readership (or subscribers, at any rate) after either not endorsing Trump, or coming out in favor of Clinton, I’ve seen nothing to suggest The Times has similarly suffered. Long may that be the case!
    Doug Harris

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  3. Franco Says:

    As a native Spanish speaker, I’m horrified by the translation. “Ser la diferencia” is a clunky and unidiomatic translation of its English VP counterpart, i.e., “to make a difference”.

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