Know your Prideful polarites

From Chris Waigl on Facebook yesterday, this


Pride in Polar Research wishes everyone a happy #PenguinAwarenessDay 2019! You can never be too aware of #Penguins! #LGBTQ #Science

Today is indeed Penguin Awareness Day. But not all Prideful polarites are penguins; some are polar bears. Quick checklist:

  1. Take note of which pole you are at; polar bears are northern, arctic, while penguins are southern, antarctic (or nearly so)
  2. Do a color check; polar bears are white (well, sometimes dingy, but that can happen to the best of us), while penguins are part black and part white
  3. Do a limb check; polar bears have four clawed paws, while penguins have two flippers and two webbed feet

On closer inspection, you should be able to determine that polar bears are in fact mammals, covered in fur, with fearsomely toothed mouths, while penguins are (admittedly eccentric) birds, covered in feathers, with beaks.

LGBT polarites of both types exhibit rainbow coloration (see above) and are fiercely proud and out, and cannot be distinguished on those grounds.

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  1. chryss Says:

    Also, polar bears will actually eat you.

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