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Into the lull between Thesaurus Day (the 18th) and Penguin Awareness Day (the 20th), I thrust two bits of poetry taking off from images on Facebook: Make Big Money (brought to me by Kyle Wohlmut) and The Long Room, Trinity College, Dublin (brought to me by Joelle Stepien Bailard):

(#1) AMZ: Poems got me where I am today

Poems got me where I am today

Flourished within me
Commandeered my will
Had me
Clamber to the vertiginous
Tip of this green headland
Awaiting transfiguration

(#2) JSB: Les livres sont nos amis

Les livres sonts nos amis
Les fourmis sont nos amies
Les fourmis sont mes amies


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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    It’s nice that Ms. Ballard is collectively addressing her audience as “sir”. Well, for the men in her audience, anyway.

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