I’m all about the wordplay

“Song for a Friend” by Jason Mraz came by today on an iTunes random playlist, and I recalled that Mraz was on my iTunes because of suggestions from Nassira Nicola for language-related musical items (performer names, album titles, song titles, lyrics mentioning language-related stuff), among them Mraz’s song “Wordplay”. Here’s the chorus from the song (minus the la-la-la bits):

Now listen closely to the verse I lay
It’s all about the wordplay
The wonderful thing it does
Because, because
I am the wizard of ooh’s and ah’s and fa-la-la’s
Yeah the Mister A to Z
They say I’m all about the wordplay

Even better, the album is entitled Mr. A-Z, so of course I had to have it.

Which came first, you ask, the album title or the family name? The family name — it’s a Czech name (Mraz is of Czech descent) — so the title is a bit of, um, wordplay.

The album (from 2005) is his second release on a major label (his first, in 2002, was Waiting For My Rocket To Come, with a nice titular ambiguity that I’m not going to try to adjudicate here). The music is pop with a hip-hop tinge, including the exuberant wordplay.

Here’s another shot of Mraz, this time in the classic guitar-concealing-privates pose, goofing around non-linguistically:

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  1. arnoldzwicky Says:

    Note: despite what you sometimes see in this space, this is not a posting about gay people or gay life. In his lyrics and in the way he presents himself in performance (and publicity), Mraz is young-guy sexy-sexy — and very much oriented towards girls.

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  4. Sili Says:

    very much oriented towards girls.


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