Dance and the male body

An assemblage of photos sent to me by Mike McKinley (sometimes in collaboration with Chris Ambidge) or from sites Mike pointed me to, most of them featuring male ballet dancers, most of them dripping with gay sensibility in their view of the male body, and a fair number of them over the top.

Dancers holding poses. Two shots that Mike liked.

“From the FB page Ballarines del Mundo. That position is called effacé en relevé.” (relevé ‘raised, lifted’: rising onto the balls (demi-pointe) or toes (pointe) of one or both feet):


Dancer #1 is wearing a dance belt. #2 is naked. From Mike: “Nice lines. This position is called an attitude back croisé. An attitude in ballet just means when the leg is raised with a bent knee rather than a straight one. Croisé means crossed. And of course the leg is raised in the back.”


A cock-tease shot. From the site Ballerines del Mundo, tats and a dance belt:


Valkiria Studio seems to specialize in tattoos.

Dancers in flight. Posted some time ago by Alfred Syska on the Male Ballet Dancers site, this composition:


I’ve tried to find the source of this work, and tried to get in touch with Syska, but to no avail. As so often, people post things on the net without any indication of their creators (or in the case of photos like #1-#3, any identification of their subjects).

A fierce dancer. Rough stuff from the Male Ballet Dancers site, posted by Gabriel Martinez (who posts many things there, mostly with unidentified sources and subjects):


Kawena: Simons at Grand Central. From Mike and Chris, a link to artist David Kawena’s Facebook page, with a layout from a project of his with dancer Joseph Simons:

Shot at the underground docks of the Grand Central Terminal in NY, this is [from] my latest photoshoot, featuring Australian dancer / choreographer Joseph Simons. It was incredible having the permission to walk around the place with our equipments and bags, doing quick outfit and locations change.

Four shots from the project, outrageously over the top for both photographer and model:





Simons has his own website, on which he describes himself as “contemporary, ballet and jazz dancer, choreographer, teacher, actor, singer, journalist, playwright and artist”. Kawena too has his own website, with his drawings and photographs, including a photoshoot posted on  2/17/15, on the Suminski twins (Jason and Anthony), from which a 7-page spread was published in Gay Times magazine in the U.K. The Suminskis are not dancers (as models, they did a stint on the British reality tv show The Valleys, set in Wales — they are from Pontypridd — but have left the show to pursue their educations). For Kawena’s shoot, they managed to be both outrageous and sexy. Two shots:



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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Michael Thomas on Facebook, with the trailer for Five Dances and an appreciation of the protagonist’s love interest’s butt.

  2. Dance Helpline Says:

    Nice Male dancers. we learn so much from that blog.

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