Today’s Bizarro:

Sad days.

Today is my 74th birthday, and I’m feeling old. But I’m getting wonderful birthday messages from all over the world, mostly on my Facebook account but also in e-mail. From a few very old friends, plus a lot of linguistics colleagues and a lot of lgbt friends (my two main communities). Including, in linguistics, Ethelbert Emmanuel Kari, of the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria, who shares my birthday (but is considerably less geriatric than I am). I am, as Ethelbert said, blessed.

2 Responses to “SuperSenior”

  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    Happy birthday! I had no idea you were almost as old as me – I turned 75 in May.

  2. Monroe Thomas Clewis Says:

    Codgers unite! I’ll be 70 in November, but feel 69. Best wishes on your birthday, and many more.

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