Canine portmanteaus

From Kim Darnell, a link to this HuffPo piece,”These 19 Adorably Awkward Mixed Breed Dogs Will Make You Love Mutts Even More” by Amanda Scherker on 1/29/14. In the tradition of established mixed breeds like the labradoodle and cockapoo come more, mostly with portmanteau names to go along with the breed crossing.

Some of the offerings:

pitsky: pit bull + husky
schnoodle: schnauzer + poodle
puggle: pug + beagle
horgi: husky + corgi
pugapoo: pug + poodle
chusky: chow chow + husky
corgipoo: corgi + toy poodle
siberpoo: Siberian husky + poodle
alusky: husky + Alaskan malamute
cheagle: chihuahua + beagle

Here’s a siberpoo puppy:

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