Lance the versatile

Today from Daily Jocks, Teamm8 Activ8s Our Lad Lance:


Lance leaps in his leggings,
Roguishly, ridiculously,
The Mustache Man of Manly Beach.


Put a jacket on him and he’s
Mush Man.

The clothing is not only (to my mind) ridiculous, it’s also expensive: in US dollars, $115 for #1 (the ID Tight), $175 for #2 (the ID Reversible Jacket). Lance not included

As usual, copy has its odd charms. The overall text:

The wait is over, Teamm8’s new activewear collection has landed! The Australian Underwear, Sportswear and Swimwear label has launched its Activ8 range suitable for every type of workout, whether you run, lift, walk or stretch and everything in between!

Specifically for #1:

ID Teamm8 insignia print. Rubber grips on inside bottom of leg openings to keep them from riding up. Smartphone sized pocket on back hip.

And for #2:

When luxe styling meets sports function you get the ID Reversible Jacket. Classic black option suitable for all occasion wear or if you’re in the mood to show your graphic side reverse it and wear it with ID print on show.

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