From Karen Erickson on Facebook, Ride the Wild Wiener:

There’s no text in the speech balloon, so you can feel free to invent some (as people on Facebook are doing).

This grossly phallic item comes a posting yesterday on Mitch O’Connell’s blog:

The top 1000 Hottest Hot Dogs, Weirdest Wieners, Freaky Frankfurters and Pseudo Penises!

There are only 23 in this posting, but O’Connell promises more. Goodness knows there are a lot of sausage / wiener / hot dog / frankfurter images around, and I’ve posted a lot of them, on this blog and my X Blog.

Three more from O’Connell. The wiener feeding:

The dreadful Christmas pun:

And some cliché briefs:

On illustrator Mitch O’Connell, see his website.

[Addendum: Terry Bartlett provided the clue to the source of the hot-dog horse image: a Jimmy Olsen comic book (a spin-off from the Superman comics). Turns out to be in #85 (6/11/65): “Love Me, Love My Beast”, in which Jimmy meets up with Shara, a beautiful space alien, and Gnor, her ugly companion (with the ability to conjure things up):

But I think it’s more entertaining to supply your own caption.]

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