A weekend cartoon, on pinhead speechlessless, part 2: “speaking” in punctuation marks:

We get to guess at what’s conveyed by each one.

4 Responses to “PuncSpeak”

  1. Jonathan Lundell Says:

    A kind of inverse Victor Borge…

  2. Laura Payne Says:

    Hello Fellow Language Lovers,

    I wanted to let you know that I have included your blog on a list of ten blogs that I think are worth visiting and I am awarding you with a “Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog” stamp.

    I received this award from another language blogger and part of the acceptance process asks that the recipient post the award picture with a link to the blog from whom the award was received and to add links to ten additional worthy blogs.

    I truly enjoy reading each of your educational and entertaining blogs.

    A Walk in the WoRds

  3. Jonathan Lundell Says:

    …for some peculiar definition of “inverse”.

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