Linguist in the media

In the SundayReview section of the NYT on the 11th (in print), an interview by Kate Murphy with my friend and colleague Dan Jurafsky. The lead-in:

Daniel Jurafsky is a professor of linguistics and computer science at Stanford. He teaches a popular freshman seminar course called “The Language of Food,” which is also the title of his forthcoming book.

These Sunday interviews are all a single column (on p. 2), with some fixed topics and some designed for the interviewee’s experiences, opinions, and enthusiasms.

The four regular sections for Dan:

READING [especially Laurie Colwin’s Home Cooking]

LISTENING [talk radio and tv food shows, for language learning]

WATCHING [tv mystery shows]

FOLLOWING [Language Log and idibon]

and the extras:

FOCUSING [about his new binoculars, for sky-watching]

DRUMMING [in rock bands, as a hobby]

These interviews tend to be somewhat jerky, thanks to the writer’s need to cram a lot of response into a very small space.


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