A contest

Offering a copy of Mary Roach’s Bonk, on science and sex (unclaimed in a previous contest because the winner already had it) to what I judge to be the most entertaining name for a gay bar, following on this posting.

Ground rules: post your candidates as comments on this post. Judgments are mine, and capricious. Entries close a week from today, 14 December. No, um, bar on names that might already have been used for a gay bar; it’s a rich field. Dyke bar names welcomed. Contestants can be of any sexual orientation; everyone can play.

My own offering, hereby ruled out of the contest, is La Baiser de la Fée, because of its double bilingual play, on baiser ‘kiss, fuck’ and fée ‘fairy’ (apologies to Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky). Yeah, I know, it’s even more learnèd than The Plumed Serpent. On the other hand, you can find gay bars where muscled guys in serious leather play pool while shooting the shit about opera (and cooking, and, for that matter, baseball). It happens. Gender and sexuality and the presentation of self are complicated.


4 Responses to “A contest”

  1. scazon Says:

    I’ve had a dream for some time to open a nerd-themed dyke bar called “The Sarlacc Pit”, after the gaping maw in the middle of the Tattooine desert that swallows men whole.

  2. Ian Preston Says:

    I see there is already a bar called the Pavilion End.

  3. Joel Parthemore Says:

    I once saw a bar, presumably straight and with no connotations intended (we’re talking rural northern New Brunswick), called The Bear’s Den.

    I could imagine a bar named The Twinkie Defense.

    How about Justbendoverand….?

  4. Contest winner « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] Bonk prize, for best gay bar name, goes to Ian Preston, for Cockpit, as a rival to Mineshaft and Toolbox […]

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