The Bun Boy Motel

Yet another notable business name: The Bun Boy Motel in Baker CA, seen here in the background of statuary at The Mad Greek, a diner in this tiny town in San Bernadino County, in the Mojave Desert, on the way to (or from) Las Vegas through Death Valley:

(Link from a reader of this blog who chooses to be anonymous.)

Here’s the Mad Greek, seen along with another Baker feature, the “world’s tallest thermometer” (for lovers of high temperatures and phallic symbols):

The Bun Boy apparently started as a hamburger joint alongside the motel, so the name has some justification, though it’s also pretty clearly a intentional double entendre.

Reviews of the motel mostly say it’s expensive, filthy, and smelly. Apparently it gets a lot of its clientele from motorists to and from Las Vegas who have car trouble nearby and have no other place to stay. Reviews of the Mad Greek vary.

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