Yo Day 3: Side-eye at the circuit party

(Plenty of raunchy sex and crude street talk — totally not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Continuing the Yo! theme for today, following “OY/YO at Stanford”.

… with today’s Daily Jocks ads, on the harness and jockstrap beat:  DJX “back for 2020 with their brand new Circuit collection”, charged up with two raunchy shots of (my) verse inspired by the ads: the supremely unsubtle “Yo, Faggot!” and “Yo, Fucker!”

From the ad copy:

Following up the best selling Trough collection [the name suggesting sex pigs gorging themselves], Circuit takes inspiration from the dance parties we all know & love, so get ready to step up your party look with matching Harness, Jockstrap, Shorts & Socks.

Two displays of the goods, framed in red from the front (take my dick), in black from the rear (take my ass):


Yo! Faggot!

my side-eye
on you

my jock in
yer cock
suckin face


dude needs


Yo! Fucker!

this stud
swings both ways

my butt,

Background. From my 12/9/16 posting “The eyes reject”, on

side-eye / side eye ‘a sidelong glance conveying disapproval, contempt, criticism, animosity, scorn; shock, surprise; distrust, disbelief’ (all negative in affect, but in different ways)

(#3) The side-eye emoji

And then, in my 6/22/10 posting “Rivers of Babylon”, see the section on gay circuit parties: giant dance parties, tending to evolve into giant sex (and, often, drug) parties .

You can slip a lot into an underwear ad, yo.

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