A Warwick Rowers 2018 tree decorating scene:


Artfully decorated tree, artfully posed naked athletes casually working on the tree, displaying their attractive bodies while incidentally managing not to show any banned bits.

Over the years, the Rowers and their photographers have polished these presentations into an art form, projecting muscular masculinity, sexiness, and playfulness while going about their daily lives, airily not appearing to notice that they are stark naked while slyly just barely avoiding exposing any part of their junk to the camera. Little masterpieces of negligent cock-teasing.

They then sell tons of calendars and use the money for an assortment of excellent causes.

Periodically, but erratically and inconsistently, their images are censored (usually by algorithms, sometimes by employees making lightning judgments) on one platform or another, Facebook and Instagram in particular. I’ve had grief over these two:

(#2) Horseplay: men in action, naked, but somehow not exposing their junk

(#3) Self-consciously posed with genital-shielding props

The ways of social media are often inscrutable.

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