Three for Thursday

Three cartoons this morning: a notably weird Zippy about comics, a Dilbert on search terms, and a Zits on passwords (and obscenicons):


Out with furry animals and precocious children, in with two-faced cartoon characters, including a composite Zippy plus Griffy.


Preposterous search terms. On my blog, most searches are on sex-related topics (Channing Tatum and body parts are long-standing favorites), but today bar bat (from Zippy) has suddenly risen to prominence; no doubt this flurry of interest will quickly die down.


Obscenicon password. Probably not acceptable in most systems, since it has no alphanumeric symbols in it. And has some symbols not on standard keyboards. And might be too long. Still, an entertaining idea.

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  1. J B L Says:

    Thank you! New word of the day: “obscenicon”.

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