The Gettysburg tweet

A skateboarding Abe Lincoln composes his address on-line:

… using an extreme version of tweetspeak — but surely not compacted enough to get the whole 246-word speech out within Twitter’s 140-character limit.


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  1. F. Escobar C. Says:

    I knew I had seen this somewhere. A really similar version was used in The Daily Show a few episodes ago. Someone posted the image on a blog, here. The clip from the show was taken up by The Huffington Post (here). The execution is slightly different, but the idea is basically identical.

  2. jbl Says:

    A few days ago Robert Reich tweeted five or so times in a row. They all showed up on my Facebook wall in a reasonable sequence, so I reposted them as a single “essay” in a screen shot (I hope the link works). Lincoln could have split his into multiple parts if he needed, say, 280 or 420 characters to say it.

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