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I have now managed to move all my inventories of postings with cartoons in them from files on my Mac to Pages on this blog — assembled under the “Comics lists” Page. From “A Softer World cartoons” to “Zits cartoons”. Some are under the names of the strips, some are under the names of the cartoonists (“Gary Larson cartoons”. “Mark Stivers cartoons”).

There are two Pages of varied stuff : a “Miscellaneous cartoons” in the main list, for strips and cartoonists that haven’t (yet) been pulled out for their own Pages ; and then, under “New Yorker cartoons”, an “Other New Yorker cartoons”, for cartoonists who haven’t (yet) been pulled out for their own Pages.

And there are two topically named Pages in the main list: “ecards” for ecards and similar cartoons; and “graphic X” for graphic novels, graphic (auto)biographies, graphic expository non-fiction, etc.

[Added the next day: these are inventories of postings (on this blog and Language Log) with cartoons in them, not of the cartoons themselves; items are posted about mostly because there is some point of linguistic interest in them, not just because they’re funny or perceptive. (The world is full of cartoons that I find laugh-out-loud funny or socially or politically trenchant but still don’t post about, because I don’t see any linguistic hook in them.) That said, I also post things about other topics that interest me — penguins, mammoths, art, music, sex and sexuality, food, plants, etc., and especially on the nature of humor and on comics themselves (as a language-like system with conventions, variation, styles and genres, etc.).]

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