The hedonistic monks of Mount Syntax

Today’s Dinosaur Comics:

A lot of stuff thrown in there. Soon T-Rex will have been being vindicated (in the future perfect continuous — a k a progressive — passive), bitches. Meanwhile, he claims precedence over Strunk & White.


2 Responses to “The hedonistic monks of Mount Syntax”

  1. Rick Sprague Says:

    I struggled to formulate a future perfect continuous passive example, unsuccessfully. Thanks for picking up the ball. And it even makes sense–woohoo!!

    Now, if I could just figure out why those monks should be hedonistic, and which of the various senses of ‘swag’ has a grammatical aspect…. Sometimes I wonder what planet Ryan North is from.

  2. Allison Wright Says:

    I am off to reblog from the original site! Thank you!

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