One more monstrous food item

From the Appy Geek site, this appalling food item from Pizza Hut:

Appy Geek’s comments:

We’ve covered plenty of terrifying fast food items in the past, from the Taco Bell breakfast menu [with an entire breakfast wrapped up in a tortilla] to Hardee’s latest monstrous burger creation, but I’m thinking that the Hot Dog Bites Pizza might take the cake. According to Bloomberg, the pizza features 28 “premium hot dog bites,” which are meant to be peeled off and dipped in mustard.

… Approximately 1.5 million Hot Dog Bites Pizzas will be ready to roll out on June 18th. Pizza Hut will sell them until July 11th, unless the supply is depleted before that date, which seems incredibly unlikely.

Note the little play on the “Dog Bites Man” joke.

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