Alternative to the dance belt

Passed along to me by two friends, who found it posted by Eric Ellis on the Facebook group “A tribute to male ballet dancers” (who the dancer is, or who the photographer, I don’t know):

Three notes; on the pose; on the dancer’s body; and on the hand(s)-covering-crotch gesture.

The pose. One of those “how can he possibly manage that?” (and hold it, without falling over) ¬†positions that highly trained dancers and gymnasts can achieve. Beautiful to look at. A dance belt for support would have been a good choice, but nowhere near as visually satisying.

The dancer’s body. The man is unusual for a ballet dancer in that he’s hairy — all over (hairy legs, hairy torso, hairy chest, even a substantial dark mustache. A bear in a gymnast’s body, a body type for which we have no ready label.

Hand(s) covering crotch. Something else for which we seem to have no standard label (I was surprised to discover). Usable by women or men. There are one-handed variants, but two-handed is probably more common. It can serve for modesty, but also works for mock modesty, for example in cock-tease photos

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