Get ready for an ambush…

(On the underwear and gay sex beat, not much about language.)

The heading on yesterday’s ad from the Daily Jocks people, with this arresting image:

The ad copy:

Presenting the all new Ambush Singlet from Cellblock 13!

The nylon/spandex blend singlets feature dual zippers on the front and back for easy access, and perfect for in the bedroom or out.

Available in red, yellow, and blue.

A silly garment, which could, I suppose, have been configured as fly-front underwear with a drop seat, for bathroom use on both sides, but is here configured as a piece of sexual regalia. In keeping with the “ambush” theme, the model is rough-edged, street-unkempt, but not actuaily either dirty or threatening. In fact, he looks kind of, well, gay.

Some free verse as a caption:

Hey dude! Let’s do the
Dirty. I got two
Points of access for my
Stuff, your choice: on your
Knees in front and suck, or
Bend me over and
Make me your bitch from
Behind. Dual entry
Service, buddy!

(An attempt at finding the appropriate tone for the caption.)

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  1. bstewart27 Says:

    I have toyed with buying a simpler wrestling singlet, but my husband would likely find it silly 😉 Wrestlers are certainly fun to watch, and I hear tell that one useful tactic in bouts is “checking the oil” of their opponent with a well-placed finger.

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