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WordPress gives me, every day, a report on how many views of my postings there have been (a) in the last week and (b) in the last day. I’m baffled by how these stats are collected, but still I notice them. For a long time, statistic (a) was close to 1,000 views per day, then some time ago, it dipped to about 750 views per day. Puzzlement.

But the postings that draw people don’t change a whole lot. A posting on parts of the body almost always leads by a considerable margin, then a lot of sex-related postings. Sex sells. Recently there was a remarkable shift.

A couple of days ago, the number of views per week shot up above 1,000, to 1,500 yesterday. Parts of the body were still on top, but not far behind were three huge view-attracting postings that had basically nothing to do with sex or sexuality: two Pages on my blog inventorying my postings on cartoons (Bizarro and Rhymes With Orange), and “Two memorable actors” (no sex or sexuality, but gender and race, since both actors are black women).

I’m gratified that my Pages are useful to people — assembling them and maintaining them takes a hell of a lot of work — but, still, why such interest? These are not inventories of the strips, but inventories of particular strips that I happen to have posted about because they had content, usually linguistic content, that attracted my interest.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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