The shop of many things

Today’s Zippy, set in a place that’s hard to trace:


Steeped in popular culture. It’s a launderette (possibly with some connection to a bus terminal or an airport terminal or computer terminals), or at least it says it is; a gas station (selling kerosene); a convenience store for food (like, maybe, Stewart’s Shops, in upstate New York, but anyway, some place named Stewart’s where you used to be able to get legendary salami subs, at least back in 1971); and (last panel) a diner (where the figure of Death seems to be having a soda).

I haven’t tracked down any part of this definitively. For me, an exceptional failure. But intriguing.

[News flash! Fresh information! (From Jim Martin.) Turns out the problem was likely due to my advancing cataracts. The building in the cartoon is the Terminal Luncheonette (now Restaurant, apparently), not Launderette. In Willow Grove PA (north of Philadelphia):


Note the kerosene, even.]

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