Telescoped POPs?

The latest Bizarro:

Yet another POP (phrasal overlapping portmanteau), Larry King + King Kong = Larry King Kong. As postings on POPs (under various names) have noted, devising them makes for an entertaining language game — word association football, anyone? — and in fact most of the ones you come across are playful creations (genuinely useful POPs and POP-like inadvertent phrasal blends are pretty rare).

Looking at the Bizarro cartoon, I realized that a somewhat different game (or puzzle) could be extracted from them, one in which you telescope the POP by eliminating the shared middle element. Who’s Larry Kong? A gigantic gorilla with a television talk show.

Quite likely it’s been thought of already and been used on one of the many radio shows that celebrate word play.

6 Responses to “Telescoped POPs?”

  1. David Says:

    POP’s have occasionally been used as the gimmick in the Sunday NY Times crossword (overlap included).

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  3. HECK Says:

    One of my favorite POP pop band names is the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

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