Winter gardens

Tom Gauld’s cover art “Winter Garden” in the February 4th New Yorker:


A lush indoor garden, in part representing a spring garden outside (narcissus, tulips), in part a garden fantasy (with huge trees, a parrot, a hummingbird).

Gauld — noted for his science-oriented cartoons and his goofily bookish ones — is an old friend on this blog (his Page is here). Meanwhile, here in northern California we’re going through our winter garden phases outside: a succession of spring flowers (narcissus of one variety after another, starting in December; flowering fruit trees starting now; tulips getting ready to bloom) plus specifically winter-blooming plants, like camellias and cymbidium orchids.

Recent cartoons from Gauld. From the New Scientist:

(#2) Gnome, genome, what’s the diff?

and from the Guardian:

(#3) I long for the author to stand up and resolve things in the manner of the customer in Monty Python’s cheeseshop sketch:

Shopkeeper: I was deliberately wasting your time, sir.
Customer: Well I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to shoot you.

(and then he does so).


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