The Metafortress

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As usual, the staff have prepared all sorts of entertainments. Starting tomorrow, there will be weekly installments in the “LingQuest” saga (modeled roughly on quest games, and ultimately, on The Lord of the Rings). This week,

the Adventure begins at The Metafortress!

Yes, a portmanteau of metaphor and fortress.

Meanwhile, there’s the Metaforic company, which offers a MetaFortress product:

MetaFortress enables software developers to easily protect applications against subversion, piracy, and other forms of abuse.

At its heart, MetaFortress is a self-checking anti-tamper system that automatically injects a web of thousands of interlocking, self-referencing checks into the source code of a target application.

On the company:

Metaforic develops and markets a range of security products based on revolutionary new anti-tamper technology, protecting and hardening software applications in a variety of markets on a wide range of platforms.  In the modern world, shipping or operating unprotected software is tantamount to an invitation for exploitation or infection.

Metaforic’s flagship products, MetaFortress and MetaSure, armor applications from the inside out, preventing and protecting against known (and unknown) forms of subversion, piracy, and the most sophisticated hacking attacks.

It’s not clear to me what metaphors have to do with any of this, beyond the word metaphor‘s sounding scientific and ton(e)y.

I trust that the Metaforic people won’t be going after the Linguist List for its use of Metafortress.


11 Responses to “The Metafortress”

  1. Biri Says:

    Seems like Metaphorgotten got out of hand at Metaforic.


    “Starting tomorrow, there will be weekly installments in the “LingQuest” saga (modeled roughly on quest games…” – I would like to see this saga-quest.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      First installment here.

      • Sergey Larin Says:

        Mr. Arnold, do you find this fragment interesting? I found it difficult to read the text up to the half of it as I find many linguistic terms unknown and (shame) forgotten since the Institute. What could you suggest me to learn the terms?

      • arnold zwicky Says:

        I’d say “entertaining” rather than “interesting”. It’s stitched together from plays on technical terminology from all areas of linguistics — some very theory-specific and/or recent and not likely to be in dictionaries of linguistic terminology (though there are several of these on-line, in particular the one from SIL).


    So you`ve sent me up-front into the avalanche of linguistic terms. Thanks.

  4. stevetauber Says:

    In computer science the term meta carries a few different meanings, one of which is data:

    Also, I’ve heard the term being used for self referential properties.


    I would like the heroes to go to The Data Graveyard. I`d like to see how the Graveyard could influence the diachronic damage.

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