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On ADS-L, Fred Shapiro posted:

With the demise of the much-lamented “On Language” columns in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune [I think that modifier got displaced: “the much-lamented demise of the…”], what are remaining language columns in major newspapers or other media such as magazines, radio shows, or major blogs? Some that I know of include Boston Globe (Jan Freeman [and Erin McKean]), Visual Thesaurus (Ben Zimmer), and “A Way With Words” radio show ([Martha Barnette and] Grant Barrett).

Larry Horn added Geoff Nunberg’s “Fresh Air” spots (public radio) and noted that there are many many blogs, especially Language Log.

I noted the list of blogs (in addition to Language Log) that Geoff Nunberg provides on his website:

Keywords, The Web of Language, Double-Tongued Dictionary, Michael Erard, LanguageHat, Fritinancy, Mr. Verb, Kai von Fintel, Phonoloblog, Ben Zimmer, Arnold Zwicky

to which I’d add (at least) Neal Whitman, Lynne Murphy, and John McIntyre. Plus Freeman/McKean and Barnette/Barrett, already mentioned. For the most part, writing about language in newspapers and magazines has been replaced by material on the web.

I’ve now assembled a huge list of web resources. Far from exhaustive, and focused almost entirely on blogs and reference resources in English, but here it is:

[last revised 6/6/13]

A Linguist Goes to Law School [last posting in 2010] (link)

A Replicated Typo [group blog on cultural evolution] (link)

A Roguish Chrestomathy (by “Q. Pheevr”) (link)

A Walk in the WoRds (Laura Payne) (link)

A Way with Words (Martha Barnette & Grant Barrett) [public radio language show] (link)

Abecedaria (Suzanne McCarthy) [scripts] (link)

ADS-L archives (on American Dialect Society site) (link)

Affixes: the building blocks of English (Michael Quinion) (link)

Alex’s Phonetic Thoughts (Alex Rotatori) (link)

An Individual’s Concepts (Lance Nathan) (link)

Anggarrgoon  (Claire Bowern) [“Australian languages on the web”] (link)

Anthro-Ling (ling)

Appalachian English (Michael Montgomery) (link)

Arnold Zwicky’s Blog [mostly about language] (link)

Arnold Zwicky’s Blog X [“adult content”, some about language] (link)

Arrant Pedantry (by “an editor and master’s student in linguistics”) (link)

Association for Computational Linguistics (link)

Australian National Dictionary (link)

Babel’s Dawn (Edmund Blair Bolles) [origins of speech] (link)

Bad Language (Karen Stollznow) [“language myths and mysteries”] (link)

BadLinguistics (Pauline Foster) (link)

Barbara Wallraff [Atlantic Monthly; last posting in 2009] (link)

Barry Popik [word and phrase histories] (link)

Ben Trawick-Smith’s Dialect Blog (link)

Blogslot by Bill Walsh [editing] (link)

Borderless Learning [focus on bilingualism and bilingual education, blog to be launched summer 2011]

Bradshaw of the Future (by “goofy”) [etymology] (link)

Brave New Words (B.J. Epstein) [translation, language, literature] (link)

Bridging the Unbridgeable (Dutch project group headed by Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostande) [language usage guides] (link)

Building Rapport (Cheryl Stephens) [“advocating plain language”] (link)

BYU corpora (link)

Center for Endangered Language Technologies (Alan W. Black, Carnegie Mellon Univ.)  (link)

Child’s Play (Melody Dye & Jason Goldman) [cognition and language] (link)

Clinical Linguistics (Martin J. Ball) (link)

Coby Lubliner’s Blog (link)

COCA: Corpus of Contemporary American English (link)

Colorless Green Ideas [author unknown] (link)

Common Errors in English Usage (Paul Brians) (link)

Computational Resources for Linguistic Research (Bill Poser) (link)

Conjugate Visits (June Casagrande) [“You know, like grammar and stuff”] (link)

Copyediting (Erin Brenner) (link)

DARE: Dictionary of American Regional English (link)

DCblog (David Crystal) (link)

Descriptively Adequate (Ed Cormany) (link)

Dialect Blog (Ben Trawick-Smith) [actor/voice coach] (link)

Dictionary Evangelist (Erin McKean) (link)

Dictionary of the Scots Language (link)

Dictionary Society of North America (link)

Double-Tongued Dictionary (Grant Barrett) [“A lexicon of fringe English”] (link)

Dr. Metablog (Vivian de St. Vrain) [language, books, politics,…] (link)

Elaine Chaika’s Blog (link)

Endangered Language Alliance [languages in NYC] (link)

Endangered Languages and Cultures (Univ. of Sydney) (link)

Endangered Languages Media Watch (Paul Butcher) (link)

Endangered Languages Tweets [not a blog, but a fascinating site] (link)

English, Jack (Brett Reynolds) [“Second thoughts on English and how she’s taught”] (link)

English Language and Usage [collaboratively edited] (link)

Epea Pteroenta (by “zmjezhd”) [“Language, linguistics, literature, and film”] (link)

Ethnologue: Languages of the World (link)

Everything You Know About English Is Wrong (Bill Brohaugh) (link)

Evolving English II (by “Wordzguy”) (link)

Found in Translation (Berkeley Language Center) (link)

Freemorpheme (Jason Fraser) (link)

Fritinancy (Nancy Friedman) [names, brands, writing, English] (link)

Fully (sic) [“Crikey’s” language blog] (link)

Games with Words (Cognition and Language Lab) (link)

Geoffrey Nunberg’s “Fresh Air” and other pieces (link)

Glossary of linguistic terms (link)

Glottopedia, the free encyclopedia of linguistics (link)

Gordon P. Hemsley [linguist, web developer] (link)

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips (Mignon Fogarty) (link)

Grammar Monkeys (Lisa McLendon) [Wichita Eagle language tips] (link)

Grammarphobia (Patricia O’Conner & Stewart Kellerman) (link)

Grammar Underground (June Casagrande) (link)

Greater Blogazonia (Lev Michael) [“language and society in Greater Amazonia”] (link)

Headsup: The Blog (by “fev”) (link)

Heideas (Heidi Harley) [linguistics, science, books, movies, cartoons,…] (link)

Isabella Massardo Copy & Translation (link)

Jabal al-Lughat: Climbing the Mountain of Languages (Lameen Souag) (link)

John Wells’s phonetic blog (link)

Johnson (The Economist’s language blog) (link)

Josh Millard [music; language and usage] (link)

Kai von Fintel [semantics etc.] (link)

Keywords (P. Kerim Friedman) (link)

La Rassegna del Traduttore [“multilingual collection of real-time translation/interpretation and language-related news resources on the web”] (link)

Langguj Gel (Australian linguist “bulanjdjan”) (link)

Language Documentation and Conservation (National Foreign Language Resource Center journal) (link)

Language is the People’s: Dispatches from a Grammar Wars foot soldier (by “Our Bold Hero”) (link)

Language Geek (by “Josh”) (link)

Language Log [group blog, managed by Mark Liberman] (link)

Language Lounge (Orin Hargraves) [Visual Thesaurus column] (link)

Language Miniatures (William Z. Shetter) [mini-essays on language] (link)

Language News [aggregation site] (link)

Language of Food (Dan Jurafsky) (link)

Language on the Move (Ingrid Pellar et al.) [multilingualism etc. in a transnational world] (link)

Language Trainers UK Blog (Wendy Wong) (link)

LanguageHat (Stephen Dodson) (link)

Languages in the News [news aggregator from Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity] (link)

Languages of the World (Asya Pereitsvaig) (link)

LAWnLinguistics (Neal Goldfarb) (link)

Lexicon Valley [Slate podcast, produced by Mike Vuolo] (link)

Lexie Kahn wants a word with you [“a blog about words and their origins”] (Judith B. Herman) (link)

LGSA Fledgelings (Linguistics Graduate Student Association of San Francisco State) (link)

Lingua Franca [Australian Broadcasting Company program] (link)

Lingua Franca [Chronicle of Higher Education group blog] (link)

Linguaphiles [Livejournal community] (link)

Linguism: Language in a Word (Graham Pointon) (link)

Linguistic Society of America (link)

Linguistics Anonymous (Cornell students) (link)

Linguistics Research Digest (British linguists) [summaries of blog items] (link)

Literal-Minded (Neal Whitman) [linguistic commentary] (link)

Living Languages: A Cyberbreath for Language Life (by “wakablogger”) (link)

Logomacy: Between Logomachy and Logomancy (Joshua Macy) (link)

Logophilius: Lover of Words [author unknown] (link)

Martha Brockenbrough (link)

Master of Grammar [by Emi-Lynn; “a site for the grammatically challenged”] (link)

Matjjin-nehen (by “jangari”) [“a linguist without a language”] (link)

Merriam-Webster Online (link)

Metrolingua (by “mj”) (link)

Michael Erard (link)

Mighty Red Pen (by “MRP”) [grammar and language, by an editor] (link)

Mot Justes (by “MJ”) [“find the right words”; last posting in 2010] (link)

Motivated Grammar (Gabe Doyle) [“Prescriptivism must die!”] (link)

Mr. Verb [group blog; many postings by “Mr. Verb”] (link)

Multiple Modals database (Paul Reed, Michael Montgomery [Univ.of SC]) (link)

Naked Translations [French/English translation] (link)

Noncompositional (Russell Lee-Goldman) [last posting in 2010] (link)

North American English Dialects (Rick Aschmann) (link)

No-sword (Matt Treyvaud) [Japanese language, literature, culture, art] (link)

Omniglot (Simon Ager) [writing systems] (link)

Online Etymology Dictionary (link)

Oxford Etymologist (Anatoly Liberman) (link)

Ozarque (Suzette Haden Elgin) (link)

Paleoglot (Glen Gordon) [ancient languages and civilizations] (link)

Paperpools: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics (Helen DeWitt) (link)

Peter Harvey, Linguist (link)

Phonoloblog [group blog, managed by Eric Baković] (link)

Plain Language Matters (Center for Plain Language) (link)

Podictionary: The Podcast for Word Lovers (Charles Hodgson) [last posting in 2010] (link)

Polyglot Conspiracy (Lauren Squires) [last posting in 2010] (link)

Polyglot Vegetarian (by “MMcM”) (link)

Polysyllabic (Karl Hagen) (link)

Popular Linguistics (ed. by D. S. Bigham) (link)

Proper Words in Proper Places (Jack Lynch) [“meditations on the English language”] (link)

Querbeißer [Chris Waigl on language, the internet, technology, society,…; last posting in 2010] (link)

Ryan’s Linguistics Blog (Ryan Denzer-King) (link)

Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English (link)

Sauvage Noble (M. Angelo O. Mercado) [Classics and IE linguistics] (link)

Sentence First (Stan Carey) [on English] (link)

Separated by a Common Language (Lynne Murphy) [British and American English] (link)

Serendipity [Chris Waigl’s bilingual blog; last posting in 2008)] (link)

Sesquiotica: Words, Words, Words (James Harbeck) (link)

Sinoglot [Chinese languages; group blog with subject-specific blogs]

Society for Linguistic Anthropology (link)

Sorosoro [“languages around the world”, starting in Vanuatu] (link)

Sound Recording Library (British Library) (link)

speech talk: thoughts on english, speech & language (Geoff Lindsey, English Speech Services) (link)

Syntactic Structures of World Languages (link)

Take Our Word for It [monthly word-origin webzine] (link)

Talk the Talk (Daniel Midgley) [podcast] (link)

Talk Wordy to Me (Brian White) [writing, reading, editing] (link)

Talking Alaska (Gary Holton) [Alaskan native languages] (link)

Talking Brains (David Poeppel, Greg Hickok) [neural organization of language] (link)

Tenser, Said the Tensor (by “a graduate student in linguistics”) (link)

That Munanga Linguist (by “nginarra”) [work on Aboriginal languages] (link)

The Diacritics: thoughts on words (John Stokes and Sandeep Prasanna) [“about how we use language in daily life, recent socio- and psycholinguistics research, and ways we see language at work in current events”] (link)

The Eggcorn Database (Chris Waigl) (link)

The Engine Room (by “JD”) [language use, journalism, media] (link)

The English Blog (Jeffrey Hill) [for learners and teachers of English] (link)

The Etyman Language Blog (speech pathologist Russell Cross) [“Adventures in Etymology and Language”] (link)

The Greenbelt (by “The Ridger”) [“Language Liberalism Freethought Birds”] (link)

The Ideophone (Mark Dingemanse) [African languages, sound symbolism, expressivity] (link)

The Language Gulper (Alejandro Gutman and Beatriz Avanzati) [detailed descriptions of almost 200 ancient and modern world languages and families] (link)

The Language Guy (Michael Geis) (link)

The Lexicographer’s Rules (Grant Barrett) (link)

The LingEducator Blog (author unkown) (link)

The Linguist List (link)

The Lousy Linguist (by “Chris”) [linguistics and cognition] (link)

The Nasty Guide to Nice Writing (Dirk E. Oldman and Annie Wei-Yu Kan) [on “the larger principles and mechanics”] (link)

The Sic List (Dan Weber) [“literary infractions”] (link)

The Snowclones Database (Erin Stevenson O’Connor) (link)

The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (link)

The Subversive Copy Editor Blog (Carol Fisher Saller) (link)

The Virtual Linguist (Susan Harvey/Purcell) (link)

The Visual Linguist (Neil Cohn) [visual language of comics] (link)

The Web of Language (Dennis Baron) (link)

The Wonder of Whiffling (Adam Jacot de Boinod) [English words] (link)

The Word (Jan Freeman & Erin McKean) [Boston Globe] (link)

The Word Blog (Heather Martin) (link)

The Word Detective (Evan Morris) (link)

The World in Words [language segment of PRI’s “The World”] (link)

The Writing Resource (Erin Brenner) [improving writing] (link)

The Zero Morpheme (James Crippen) (link)

Throw Grammar from the Train (Jan Freeman) [“Notes from a recovering nitpicker”] (link)

Transblawg (Margaret Marks) [German/English translation] (link)

Translate This! (Michael Wahlster) (link)

TV Tropes and Idioms (link)

UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger (link)

Urban Dictionary [crowdsourced – “the dictionary you wrote”] (link)

Val Systems (Josef Fruewald) [language variation] (link)

Visual Thesaurus (link)

Vocalized/Vocalised (Lauren Hall-Lew) (link)

WALS: The World Atlas of Language Structures Online (link)

Wishydig (Michael Covarrubias) [mostly about language] (link)

WOLD: World Loanword Database (link)

Word Hoard (by “Daniel”) (link)

Wocky Words – Where Words Collide (Larry Savage) [portmanteau invention] (link)

Word Journal [interesting words submitted by users] (link)

Word Routes (Ben Zimmer on Visual Thesaurus) (link)

Word Zeal (Lindsay Oberst) (link)

Wordlustitude (Mark Peters) (link)

Wordnik (Erin McKean) (link)

WordPorn [material supplied by users] (link)

Words Matter (Bob Ray) (link)

Word Odyssey (Britt Hanson) [etymological adventures on KBRP in Bisbee AZ] (link)

Word Origins (Dave Wilton) (link)

Word Spy (Paul McFedries) [new words] (link)

Words to the Wise (Kathy Schenck) [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel] (link)

Wordtastic (Mark Peters) [Good magazine] (link)

World Atlas of Linguistic Structures (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology) (link)

World Loanword Database (Martin Haspelmath and Uri Tadmor) (link)

World Wide Words (Michael Quinion) (link)

Yale University Grammatical Diversity Project: English in North America (link)

You Don’t Say (John McIntyre) [on language, editing, journalism,…] (link)

You Don’t Say (John McIntyre) [Baltimore Sun] (link)

50 Responses to “Blogs and resources”

  1. lynneguist Says:

    What a great resource this list itself is! (Thanks for including me in it!)

  2. Ian Preston Says:

    I think that modifier got displaced: “the much-lamented demise of the…”

    I find it works either way for me. Can you not lament the thing lost as well as lament the loss? The OED says that `to lament’ is `to mourn for the loss of (a person); to bewail (an occurrence)’ and has citations for transitive `lament’ of both kinds.

  3. Peter Austin Says:

    The Transient Languages and Cultures blog has moved and been more transparently renamed as Endangered Languages and Cultures and it’s here.

  4. Alex Says:

    Excellent list!!!

    Thanks for including me, too!

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Alex, is there a good reason why we don’t get your last name? Or is avoiding “real names” a Blogspot thing?

      • Alex Says:

        My surname is “Rotatori”. It’s an Italian surname. I tend to avoid it because people sometimes find it difficult to spell… That’s the only reason…

      • arnold zwicky Says:

        Hey, Rotatori is a *great* name! (Turns out there are quite a few Rotatoris in the U.S.) Zwicky is much more of a challenge.

      • Alex Says:

        Yes, Arnold, you’re definitely right about your surname!

      • Alex Says:

        BTW Arnold, how do you pronounce your surname? Is it /ˈzwɪki/, /ˈswɪki/ or indeed /ˈtswɪki/?


      • arnold zwicky Says:

        In English, with [zw], in German with [tsv]. People tend to have trouble with initial [zw] in English and are inclined to “fix” the cluster in various ways, usually by devoicing the [z] or by inserting a schwa to break up the cluster, but sometimes by just deleting the [z] or even by postponing the [w] until after the [k]. (I did a Language Log posting on this long ago.)

        When I say my name to new people, I tend to produce a very long fully voiced [z], in the hopes of getting a [z] back in their pronunciation and a Z in their spelling.

        When making reservations on the phone, I’m Alexander Adams.

  5. Heather Says:

    Thanks for putting together this great list. I’m always on the hunt for new language resources, and more than a few of these are new to me!

  6. Leonardo Boiko Says:

    > Arnold Zwicky’s Blog X [“adult content”, some about language]

    How the hell did I miss this all these years??

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Chuckle. Periodically I post links from this blog to my X blog — most recently in “Sexy stuff on my X blog” (here). There’s only so much discussion of gender and sexuality matters (and men’s underwear etc.) that I feel I can inflict on readers of this blog. And of course some of the images are unWordPressable, and some of the material (poetry, fiction, fictobiography) is a bit strong for many readers of this blog.

  7. World Atlas Online – ALL MAPS Says:

    […] Blogs and resources « Arnold Zwicky's BlogDescription : WALS: The World Atlas of Language Structures Online (link). Wishydig (Michael Covarrubias) [mostly about language] (link). WOLD: World Loanword Database (link). Word Hoard (by “Daniel”) (link). Word Journal [interesting words submitted …http://arnoldzwicky.wordpress. .. […]

  8. Peter Austin Says:

    You could also add:

    1. Talking Alaska by Gary Holton that deals with Alaskan Native languages —

    2. Language on the move by Ingrid Pellar and others “sociolinguistics research site devoted to multilingualism, language learning and intercultural communication in a transnational world” —

    3. That munanga linguist “Language man working on Aboriginal languages occasionally sharing his thoughts…” —

    4. Matjjin-nehen “a linguist without a language” —

    5. Languages in the News — news aggregator from Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity —

    6. Anthro-Ling

  9. Erin Brenner Says:

    I humbly recommend adding The Writing Resource ( and Copyediting (

  10. Fritinancy Says:

    I’m honored to be included, Arnold! Here’s another blog for your consideration: Ben Trawick-Smith’s Dialect Blog, “a place for hobbyists, actors, linguists and curiosity-seekers to learn about and discuss the dialects of the English language.”

  11. lynneguist Says:

    I heartily second the Dialect Blog recommendation. By an actor/voice coach, so a bit of an outsider’s view, but very well informed and open to discussion.

  12. To occupy a rainy Tuesday afternoon | As a Linguist… Says:

    […] of all, Arnold Zwicky has compiled a fantastic collection of resources for linguistics and language topics. It’s […]

  13. mighty red pen Says:

    Arnold, what a great list. It’s an honor to be included, thank you!

  14. Terminologia etc. » » Risorse linguistiche 2.0 Says:

    […] altro elenco molto interessante per l’inglese è Blogs and resources, compilato da Arnold Zwicky; include risorse linguistiche soprattutto con riferimento alla […]

  15. Joe Clark Says:

    (link) is substantially worse than (click here), especially when you have not one but two fully descriptive phrases to link to.

    And thanks for not including me on your list. Then again, I’m not a twink vamping for a camera.

  16. wakablogger Says:

    Thank you for including my blog 🙂

    Here are some other links that I have posted that might be of interest as well:

    CELT: (nothing active yet)
    Indigenous Tweets:
    Endangered Languages Media Watch:
    Endangered Language Alliance:
    Language Documentation and Conservation:
    UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger:
    The LingEducator Blog:

  17. JoAnne Negrin Says:

    I’d like to add Borderless Learning. For now, it’s a page on FB and Twitter, but it will be a blog starting this summer. The primary focus is bilingualism and bilingual education, but anything interesting and language-culture related is fair game.

  18. Webs de lingüística i llengües en anglès | Bloc de Lletres Says:

    […] Language Log, Arnold Zwicky, va publicar el mes passat en el seu propi bloc, una llista enorme de recursos web en anglès, tots relacionats amb les llengües i la […]

  19. wakablogger Says:

    Where Are Your Keys has a website and a blog. The blog is

  20. Dan Weber Says:

    I don’t often check the stats of my blog (too discouraging) but I had an extra glass of wine and was feeling adventurous…and I noticed a spike in readership recently, which can be traced to your mention here. Thanks for the shout-out. We language nerds need to stick together.

  21. Blogs and resources II « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] Nunberg to ADS-L on May 15, about my list of blogs and resources: Subject:      Re: Query on Language Columns in […]

  22. What I’ve been doing « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] List of blogs and resources in language and linguistics (periodically updated). […]

  23. World Atlas Online | | ALL MAPSALL MAPS Says:

    […] Blogs and resources « Arnold Zwicky's BlogDescription : WALS: The World Atlas of Language Structures Online (link). Wishydig (Michael Covarrubias) [mostly about language] (link). WOLD: World Loanword Database (link). Word Hoard (by “Daniel”) (link). Word Journal [interesting words submitted …http://arnoldzwicky.wordpress. .. […]

  24. María Ortega Says:

    Great resources list. Thank you for putting it together.

  25. Lindsay Oberst Says:

    Somehow I just realized you added my blog to the list. Thanks so much and for creating this useful resource.

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