To the liquor of your laughter / And the lacquer of your limbs

Yesterday’s offering from Daily Jocks (with a caption; notes to follow):


At first it was spectral, ghostly,
Visible only in blue light, at an
Acute angle, scarcely a real
Body part.

Gus stroked it into
Life, gave it color, fun color, took it
From infracorporeal to
Ultracorporeal, crackling with
Energy at all frequencies.

Power in a pouch.

Notes. First, the text of the ad:

Introducing the new Spectra Collection from Obviously! Featuring a range of fun yet sophisticated colors, each pair comes with Obviously’s signature AnatoFREE pouch that lets it all hang out while still providing superior comfort and support. Available in brief and trunk in 3 fantastic colors.

I find it hard to avoid reading the OBVIOUSLY in #1 as OBVIGUSLY, hence the Gus in my caption. The ad also provided the fun colors and the pouch.

Next, the title. Taken from “Opus 6” in Spectra: A Book of Poetic Experiments (1916), a poem by Witter Bynner under the pseudonym Emanuel Morgan. Wikipedia page about the book here.

For a spectral presence, consider (among many possibilities) the movie Ghost:


From Wikipedia:

Ghost is a 1990 Australian/Germany/New Zealand/American romantic fantasy thriller film starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn, and Whoopi Goldberg… The plot centers on a young woman in jeopardy (Moore) and the ghost of her murdered lover (Swayze), who tries to save her with the help of a reluctant psychic (Goldberg), who faked her powers.

Then there’s the electromagnetic spectrum, allluded to in my caption:


There are so many directions I could have have gone in my caption, playing on spectra, spectrum, specter, or spectre.

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