An infestation of rodentiphobia

(A guy in his skivvies, nothing of linguistic value.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad for Jack Adams, with a caption of mine:

Convinced that small
Furry creatures were
Lifting his junk and
Gnawing on his balls,
Croydon recoiled in
Fear and disgust.

Maybe the underwear companies thought the model was expressing intense sexual arousal, but that doesn’t work for me.

The accompanying ad copy:

Ultimate in comfort, the Jack Adams LIFT collection offers a sexy feel and athletic inspired design.

The revolutionary cotton punch-hole fabric is engineered for breathability and to keep you cool all day.

The sturdy & striped straps around the waist and rear add that additional support as well as the body defining fit that Jack Adams is known for.

Fantastic that we live in an age when revolutionary new cotton fabrics are possible! And those supportive, body-fitting stripes!

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