Fishy card games

From Robert Coren on Facebook, today’s Mother Goose and Grimm cartoon, with a play on the name of the simple card game Go Fish:

People say Go fish!, fish say Go person! A role reversal.

The number of figurative uses of fish is enormous. One is the slang cluster, attested from the 16th century (Green’s Dictionary of Slang), of ‘vagina’ (from the supposed odor) and the metonymic extension ‘woman’. Hence the title of the movie Go Fish:

Go Fish is a 1994 American lesbian-themed independent drama film. Directed and co-written (with her then-girlfriend Guinevere Turner) by Rose Troche, the film tells the story of the interrelationships of a small group of lesbian friends in Chicago. The narrative is broken up by a number of discussions on lesbian issues, dream sequences, commentary that breaks the fourth wall and moments of free verse poetry.

… On a lighter note, several of the characters debate their favorite term for vagina. Suggestions include “honeypot,” “love mound,” “girlpatch,” “cunt” and “bearded clam.” (link)


3 Responses to “Fishy card games”

  1. Robert Says:

    What struck me as most interesting is the choice to analyze the “fish” of “go fish” as a noun (or, alternatively and implausibly, to treat “person” as a verb meaning “to hunt people”).

  2. The Ridger Says:

    Same here: ‘fish’ is a verb for me, since you ‘fish’ a card off the pile.

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