The Bronzed Horseman

(Racy allusions, but nothing hardcore. Use your judgment.)

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad (with a caption of mine):


Pink X marks the
Spot of furtive mansex in the
Shadow of the highway, a dirty
Substreet trickland, where
Simon worshipped daily until the

Boys bronzed him,
Wrapped his package in
Lime green and red,
Mounted him on the
Pink X as a symbol of their
Delicious depravity.

Not the first time an underwear model has been bronzed.

on 2/23/17, the posting “The beautiful immortal” (about another DJ ad):


They looked upon him, found him
Wonderful, fabulous, a mighty man —
Unanimously accepted him as their
Prince everlasting — and
Had him bronzed.

He was indeed fabulous, a creature from another world, who could move in an instant through time and space:


Then there’s the title of this posting, alluding to the St. Petersburg  statue of Peter the Great, the subject of Pushkin’s famous narrative poem The Bronze Horseman (1833) — see the  discussion in comments on my 3/1/17 posting “stans”. But also playing on horseman and whoresman. Simon the bronzed whoresman, so pretty in pink.

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