Today’s Rhymes With Orange:

The reference is to surrealist René Magritte‘s “The Son of Man”, a painting that combines Magritte’s focus on identity (often involving a figure much like his own) and his use of an apple as a thematic element:

This painting has been much parodied. Here’s a t-shirt design (“Storybook Surrealism”) by Brian Cook that incorporates the Disney Snow White’s poisoned apple:

A photograph of juggler Kellin Quinn of Circus Harmony, in an act based on Magritte:

And on the Deviant Art site, a sculpture by Nubob:

Now from Rhymes, let’s turn to Bizarro:

This refers to another famous painting by Magritte, “The Betrayal of Images”, with its discordancy between image and text:

This one too has been massively parodied, to the extent that Television Tropes & Idioms has an entry for “This is Not X”. Here’s one with a bilingual pun (depicting a marshmallow Peep):

Finally, back to Magritte himself, now combining the apple theme and the Not An X theme:

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