Mario Lopez stripped

(Not about language.)

It’s been a while since I posted on men’s underwear, but now from Karen Erickson on Facebook, this story (with video) on actor and tv host Mario Lopez appearing on The Ellen Show:

Ellen Helps Mario Lopez strip to his underwear

Mario Lopez proved he’s not just the Rated M underwear creator, but also a Rated M client during this impromptu striptease to promote his new line of skivvies on The Ellen Show Tuesday. And Ms. DeGeneres surprised us when she eagerly tore off Mario’s shirt and jacket before spinning him around to show the raucous audience his plump rear.

Still photo of the event:

The man is clearly keeping himself in shape.

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  1. Max Vasilatos Says:

    independent of this, i was wondering about the source of the terms “boxers” and “briefs” , as i offer “trunks” to male callers if they care to pop into the pool or spa at my complex…

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    The terms are 20th century, as are the garments to which they refer. The first briefs (OED2: ‘very short knickers, or trunks’) were sold in Jan. 1935 by Coopers Inc. in Chicago under the name the “Jockey” (because of the support they offered, like the support provided by jockstraps) and were quickly a great success (first OED cite in 1934); they were Y-fronts. Coopers then changed its company name to Jockey.

    Bikini briefs came along later. First OED cite for “bikini” for a male undergarment in 1957.

    (OED first cite for “jockey shorts” in 1951, for “jockey briefs” in 1966.)

    Boxer shorts (buttonless, unlike earlier undershorts from WW1, and with an elastic waistband) were so called because of their similarity in design to the shorts (or trunks) worn by boxers in the ring. First OED cite for “boxer shorts” in 1944.

    “Y-front” started as a proprietary term for a kind of brief. First OED cite in 1953.

  3. Max Vasilatos Says:

    thank you! that is an excellent answer, and now i know

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