Another Blunt Card

Another gay-related Blunt Card, this time with the back-formed verb gay marry:

With a bonus, the playful division of the compound pronoun myself into its possessive modifier (my) and nominal head (self) parts, with an intervening adjective modifier (hot) of the head. Some such divisions of reflexives with intervening modification are pretty common: my former self, my future self, my true self, my better self, your sorry self, etc., many of them serving as alternatives to also somewhat awkward nominals with an adjective plus an ordinary pronoun (the former me, the true me, etc.).


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  1. Ben Zimmer Says:

    And then there’s “with your bad self,” as used in James Brown’s “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” and subsequently in expressions like “(get down)/(go on) with your bad self.”

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