Rainbow bedding

From the Kitsch Bitsch’s Facebook page (ultimate source not identified) and passed on by Chris Ambidge: some rainbow sheets and pillow cases, plus a hairy-chested guy, his swirly lollipop, and his bed book:


There are 8 colors; starting with red:

(1) red (tending towards orange), orange, pink, blue, violet, azure, green, yellow

The now-standard gay pride flag has only 6 colors (no azure or whatever, and — surprise! — no pink), in the order of the color spectrum:

(2) red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet/purple

(The flag is displayed with red at the top, or if in a horizonal display, with red at the left.)

The order of colors in (1) is odd, the colors are not very saturated, and in addition to pink it has that azure band.

(The standard “color spectrum” has 7 colors, with an “indigo” band between blue and the last color, which is labeled “violet”.)

You can get rainbow bedding from an amazing assortment of suppliers. Here’s a set from Etsy (“Vintage Rainbow Sheet Set”), with three copies of the band for each color, in (saturated) gay pride colors in spectral order:


And a duvet cover and pillow cases from a company called sin — muted versions (the red looks close to pink, and the green is very pale indeed) of the 6 colors in the gay flag, in spectral order:


2 Responses to “Rainbow bedding”

  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Of course I want to read spectral in “spectral order” in its other sense (of or resembling a specter).

  2. Pog Daddle Says:

    That model was in a lot of print ads, back then. Often with his shirt off.

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