Another crop of cartoons

An assortment of recent cartoons: Zits, Bizarro, Pearls Before Swine, and two Zippy cartoons on Sabina Ohio.

A Zits on family relations, with mom as a measure of loudness:


Bizarro puns:


All cute, but the second is especially nice, since in speech it’s a perfect pun.

The Pearls, with another pun, on erection, taking off on ads with warnings on erectile dysfunction drugs with warnings about long erections:


The Zippys:


This is Zippy-weird, but easily understandable. And the place is, of course, a real one, Kim’s Classic Diner in Sabina —

Kim’s Classic Diner, a 1946 Silk City Diner. Arrived in Sabina, Oh after being in New York and then Michigan.:


That was today. Two days ago, a much more inscrutable Sabina OH cartoon:


The mysteries: I haven’t identified the restaurant, with its sign having the truncated still. And the reference to fasin’ and trakfasin’. Surely some kind soul can help; very occasionally, Zippy just eludes me,

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  1. Drew Smith Says:

    The “r akfas” part is probably what’s left of the word “breakfast”.

  2. Robert Coren Says:

    I’m not seeing the Pearls cartoon (#3) displayed here.

    • Brian M Says:

      I also don’t see the Pearls cartoon here, but I did see it here:

      Oddly, the word that should (and maybe did, at one point) read “erection” (panel 3) reads “erector buildings”, which makes the joke fall flat… so to speak. I have a feeling there’s a story behind that. It appears that the Censor was partly successful in thwarting Mr. Pastis. But read the comments below the strip.

  3. John Baker Says:

    As Drew Smith indicates, there are letters missing from the marquee, and what’s left could be read as “fasin” or “trakfasin.” But I can’t find the restaurant; nothing listed on Google Maps in Sabina (“the Eden of Ohio”) seems plausible

  4. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Jim Martin on Facebook:

    On Zippy #2. Suspect the sign was “STILL BEST BREAKFAST IN …” with letters missing. Zippy reads the remaining letters: “Still trakfasin”.

  5. John Baker Says:

    With regard to #2: Are perfect puns really nicer? I am reminded of an example from, IIRC, Isaac Asimov’s Treasury of Humor: Three brothers started a ranch and called it Focus, because it was where the sons raise meat (sun’s rays meet). The problem is that the pun is so perfect that a listener is likely to pick up on only one of the two possible meanings.

  6. arnold zwicky Says:

    Another attempt at posting the Pearls:

  7. Larry Schourup Says:

    The mystery restaurant is the Carlton Kitchen in Bentleyville, PA, about 175 miles from Sabina. The probable reason for Griffith’s error can be seen at

    where a photo of the Carlton Kitchen is followed by a comment from a reader who says, “It’s in Sabina.” Griffith apparently missed that the comment was a reply to a question about Kim’s Classic Diner (of cartoon #4).

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