Let slip the dogs of Japan

Though hot dogs combine Memorial Day interest (picnics and cookouts!) with the gay attractions of phallicity (as Pride Month comes into view), after a recent flurry of phallic hot dogs on this blog, I intended to take a brief holiday from the topic, but then a Pinterest board on bento boxes came along. Bento boxes with artful food carefully, sometimes playfully, arranged — including a set of oh-so-cute creatures fashioned from hotdogs: snails, caterpillars, and bears, in particular:




I find these creations eerily phallic, like penises in drag.

And then I was led to Japadog. From Wikipedia:


Japadog is a small chain of street food stands and restaurants located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada… The chain, which specializes in hot dogs that include variants of Japanese-style foods like okonomiyaki, yakisoba, teriyaki and tonkatsu, is owned by Noriki Tamura.

Tamura and his wife moved to Vancouver in 2005. They opened the first Japadog stand that same year. A second stand opened in Vancouver in the summer of 2009. As of March 2013, the company now has four locations in Vancouver and a fifth one in New York City (now closed). In 2014, they opened a sit-down store in Los Angeles, California. In addition to their three mobile stands in Vancouver, in 2010 they opened a sit-in restaurant.

A sampling of smothered Japadog dogs:


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