Stimulating and desensitizing

(Sexually explicit language to follow.)

An ad for MovieMountain and GameLink (sources of porn movies) today features a variety of products classified as lubes. Some are simple sexual lubricants, but others are designed to provide stimulation or its opposite, desensitization (depending on what the users want). Some of them are far from lubricants, but there seems to be no label for the category that includes lubricants, stimulating products, and desensitizing creams. (On the larger category of ADJUNCTS to sex, see this posting on gay sex toys.)

Furtherest from straightforward lubes in the LUBE/STIM/DESENSE category is BJ Blast (manufactured by Pipedream Products):

It’s finally here! The world’s only fizzing, popping, bursting, exploding ORAL SEX CANDY! Just sprinkle some in your mouth and go down for the ride of their life. Eating out will never be the same! Each packet contains enough to share the fun!


Along the same lines are the Goodhead Tingle Oral Sex Drops (manufactured by Doc Johnson Enterprises):

This set of oral sex enhancers intensify blow jobs by tingling teasing and sweetening the entire package! Goodhead Tingle Drops come packed in easy to us, drip free bottles and featuring delicious flavors like Green Apple, Watermelon, and Strawberry.


So much for enhancing the blow-job experience. But sometimes a cocksucker wants desensitization instead, as in deepthroating. For that there’s Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray (by Pipedream again), which is spearmint-flavored:

Flavored desensitizing spray specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat helping to suppress gag reflex. Works as a breath freshener as well [a nice touch].


On to desensitizing the penis, as with Max 4 Men Max Control Prolong Spray (from Classic Erotica):

Upgrade your performance! Max Control is an ejaculation delay spray to help extend erections. Formulated with lidocaine, this fast acting gentle desensitizing agent is a gift from the gods! Makes sex an experience you and your partner will both enjoy. Helps reduce male sensitivity to prolong sexual pleasure. Quick absorbing, you run less of the risk of transferring the product onto your partner. Paraben and sugar free.


Then we get to densensitizing lubricants, especially for use in anal pentration (by penis or sex toy), but also usable for vaginal penetration. First, lubricants from the  (wonderfully named) Boy Butter company:

Boy Butter H20 Desensitizing Lubricant: This unique desensitizing lubricant is water-based and creamy, so it can be used with all latex items, and is safe for women too. Hypo-allergenic, and non-staining. Contains 5% Benzocaine, a topical anesthetic that eases the pain associated with penetrations of all kinds.

Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Lubricant: This oil-based, Desensitizing lubricant contains 7.5% Benzocaine so all insertions are comfortable. This lubricant may also delay premature ejaculation.


And Dare Anal Desensitizing Cream (from California Fantasies):

Dare Anal Desensitizing Cream gently desensitizes and numbs the anal area prior to anal play. Enjoy the adventure and avoid discomfort and interruptions. Contains No Parabens, no Glycerin, and no Petroleum derivatives. Apply cream to rectal area 10 minutes prior to play for full effects.


And two “anal ease” products. First Anal-Eze Gel (from California Exotic):

Anal-eze is a special gel that is designed with an aim to make anal sex an enjoyable experience with no inconveniences during the action. The gel’s formula contains special desensitizing agents that reduce the sensitivity of the anus and help avoiding painful sensations during the play.


And Anal Ese Cream, which is, omg, cherry-flavored (from the entertainingly named Nasstoys company):

Trusted, effective lubricating cream is specifically formulated to ease the way to complete anal enjoyment. It contains a mild anesthetic (benzocaine) that enhances comfort during penetration by means of mild desensitization. And it tastes like cherries!


Finally, applicators for the lubricant of your choice: Anal Eaze Insertz (from Pipedream again):

These no-mess applicators make it easy to get your favorite lube or lotion to stay where you want it. The thin, extra-long tapered tips make application into the anus or vagina a breeze. They’re smooth, easy to squeeze, and best of all, the resealable cap allows you to reuse the Insertz or save for later.


So: you can lube it up, ramp up the sensation, or dial things back for comfort.

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