Teenspeak and genderspeak are perennial topics here and on Language Log, especially as they are represented in cartoons — see, for example, “Dudetalk in the Arctic” (here) and “Teenspeak, genderspeak” (here). But mostly we talk about the linguistic features of generationlects and genderlects. Of course, the content, or subject matter, of speech is equally of interest, and there are genuine differences between groups in what they tend to talk about — what interests and concerns them — as well as heavy stereotypes about such things.

Which brings us to today’s Zits, where the teentalk and guytalk stereotypes about content come together in another one of those little mother-son chats:

On exhibit is the stereotypical adolescent (and adult) male interest in the extreme, especially in activities that are disgusting, humiliating, or dangerous (but challenging). And the stereotypical adolescent (and adult) female interest in relationships and clothing. There’s some basis for the stereotypes in reality, of course.

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