More mommies!

On the More Is Always Better front, this observation (from Simona Vigna) from the NYT‘s “Metropolitan Diary” of  May 9:

My 5-year-old daughter had just finished an instructive week at preschool that revolved around a family theme, when she hit me with this request: “I want 15 moms. I don’t want just you. I want to have 15 mommies.”

Bewildered and with a hint of resentment, I asked why.

She said: “Because some of my friends in school have two mommies. And some have two mommies and one dad. And I want to be like them. I want more mommies, like they have.”

So much for politically correct teaching to preschool children!

Well, maybe the kid’s on to something there. With more mommies, surely one will always be available. And they can have different expertises.

But life is complex, and these arrangements can be tricky to work; what if the mommies work at cross-purposes, or form competing alliances? Two or three might be ideal.

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  1. The Ridger Says:

    It takes a village?

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