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In the last month on my X Blog, I’ve been posting a series of racy photographs of men, from several collections mailed to me by Chris Ambidge. Here’s an inventory:

7/15/12: New photo crop: A couple, entangled (link): man on man, with a wicked smile

7/29/12: Two kisses (link): two pairs of men kissing

7/29/12: Reading in bed (link): three young men in bed, showing off their butts and their bookishness

7/29/12: On the moose knuckle watch (link): three moose knuckle displays, one quite spectacular

7/29/12: Statuary (link): two images of statuary being mirrored, one from the rear, one from the front

8/17/12: Flashing (link): men displaying their dicks — four rather silly photos, plus one of a smiling hunk stretched out in bed

8/17/12: Water butt boys (link): four aquatic rear views

8/17/12: More butts (link): three butt views, plus two anally focused ones

8/17/12: At the bathhouse (link): a traditional Turkish bath scene

8/17/12: Denim peekaboo (link): 20 shots (in b&w) of dicks peeking out of jeans

In the middle of these came a posting of a remarkable genital tattoo:

8/12/12: Puff the Magic Dragon (link)

None of this is for the kiddies or the easily offended. And there’s not much about language in there.



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