Weighty words

Today’s Bizarro, in which a metaphor comes vividly to life:

Weighty used of speech is venerable; OED2 subentry:

4. a. Of an argument, utterance, etc.: Producing a powerful effect; adapted to influence or convince; forcible, telling, potent. [moste weightie wordes in 1560 and other cites thereafter]

2 Responses to “Weighty words”

  1. Alex Says:

    I’ve noticed Quakers speak of “weighty Friends,” which could be glossed as spiritually or socially influential Quakers. For instance, at a recent First Day school (Sunday school) class, teenagers were advised to discuss any questions about the topic with a weighty Friend. One of the kids who hadn’t been raised Quaker thought this might mean they should ask an overweight peer, and protested this seemingly nonsensical recommendation.

    Since marrying a Quaker, I’ve had to learn a surprising array of Quaker in-group jargon. But I’ve always liked the “weighty” adjective. It’s a nice image.

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