Two cartoon puns

In my mail recently, a Dilbert (with a pun, unusual for this strip) and a Rhymes With Orange (which specializes in puns):


Time flies when you’re having fun / funds.


Basic cable / fable.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Comment from Damien Hall on Facebook:

    Seems to me the Dilbert one is working extremely hard for its effect! I think I basically don’t like the ‘you’re having funds’, because of course ‘you’re having’ isn’t a felicitous replacement for ‘you have’ when possession is being talked about. And then, why a helicopter? (Why couldn’t he just have been injured by a container of watches falling from anywhere – why be this specific?)

    Note the Zippy: “Are we having fun yet?”

    All this makes me wonder whether ‘hav’ is also a verb meaning ‘transport by air’, from the name of the de Havilland aircraft manufacturer. That would make the elaborateness of the pun seem a little less pointless to me.

    This strikes me as an enormous stretch.

  2. Spiders and flies | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] Time flies when you’re having fun came up recently in a somewhat different kind of language play, a simple pun in a Dilbert, here […]

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