Plural clothing

Silliness for the weekend, taking off from a postcard I got from Max Vasilatos a little while back:

This from Pantalaine (ostensibly from 2005):

Est. 1950 – Provisioners of America’s Finest Plural Clothing – South Bend, Ind.

Yes, clothing cut for two.

Some features of the the Spooneristic sweat-heart sweet-shirt:

Four-arm construction allows superior freedom of movement

Screen-printed chests feature the signature “Extra Love”™ tri-heart

Another sweet, but even more impractical, item:

Some features:

Current original face-to-face bestseller since 1959

Praised in writing by dozens of hug therapists – come see the letters on our “Wall of Fame”

Comments from a fan:

I so want to believe that Pantalaine really has been “Provisioners of America’s Finest Plural Clothing” since 1950, but something tells me that they are just getting their jollies making fun of the unfortunately real Slankets and Snuggies out there. Having said that, I kind of like the idea of mutated accessories and clothing that encourages interaction with our fellow humans…

Just take a look at the awesome plural clothes in the [Pantalaine gallery]. Feeling distant from your mate? Skip couples counseling and instead throw on the hug jacket. Get closer to a friend with handholding mittens. Become one with a book, even, with the mittens book jacket! Oh, Pantalaine. I can’t wait until your online store is up and running.

Maybe they’ll sell patterns, so you can make your own plural clothing.


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