Awake, my soul

A link between my posting on the Sacred Harp song Hallelujah and my posting on soul for sole: the song Loving-Kindness (275t), which begins “Awake, my soul”:

(Copying the song from The Sacred Harp was difficult. The key is A minor, and the obscured word is Tho’, twice.)

The words were used as the title of a documentary about Sacred Harp singing, Awake, My Soul: The Story of the Sacred Harp (trailer for it on YouTube, here; website here).


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  1. Randy Alexander Says:

    There are many electronic copies on; it might be much easier to copy pages from one of those copies.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      All I could find on that site were copies of vintage books with “Sacred Harp” in the title or subtitle, none of them the current “Denson ” (1991) or “Cooper” (1992) Sacred Harp books. But then it’s an archive site.

      I know someone who bought an extra copy of the Denson book to pull apart for photocopying; the book isn’t at all expensive. If I’m going to keep posting songs, I might do the same myself.

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