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On AZBlogX, three substantial postings on gay watersports (the sexual fetish, not the athletic competitions). These postings look at the Gayland (fantasy) version of these practices and also at the real-life practices (the roles, routines, and rituals that organize this sexual subculture). The first prong is a kind of literary analysis, of the sort I’ve used in talking about Gayland in other postings; the second is a kind of anthropological analysis, of the sort I’ve used in talking about the customs and practices of the (real-life) gay baths in other postings.

The genre of gay piss porn and the subculture of gay piss play will be alien to most readers of this blog, maybe incomprehensibly so. I make no apologies for posting on these subjects, but just warn you about the content (and the many explicit images in the postings).

“Piss porn 1: five recent images” (link) breaks you into these worlds, with those five images (plus two extras).

“Piss porn 2: background” (link) sounds more innocent and cerebral than it is. In particular, it introduces a social category distinction between Urinals (participants primarily seeking humiliation, abuse, and domination) and Enthusiasts (motivated primarily by a kind of infantile playfulness and masculine norm-breaking). But it focuses mostly on the Urinals, which will be tough going for many readers (some of it is for me).

“Piss porn 3: enthusiasm and routines” (link) turns to my people (yes, I’m a participant-observer, as with the baths), the Enthusiasts, whose behavior might strike many as inexplicable but at least seems harmless (like a very odd hobby). And it starts a catalog of those routines and rituals, many of which will be news to most of my readers. (A couple of them were news to me as well; I don’t “get” them, meaning I don’t appreciate their emotional resonance for those who practice them — but if it works for you, ok.)


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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    Arnold, you have a real knack for it – I’m a 74 year old man who’s only turned on by horny old fat women, but somehow you bring your particular sexuality into the total human experience for me. Even guys piddling all over themselves and everybody else.

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